“Been coming here for over 2 years. Always amazing. Super friendly and really know their stuff (I’ve had lots of experiences of similar places over the past 20 years - but this is by far and away the best.). Nice air conditioned rooms too!”
Jonathan Byers
I've been coming to see Karen for 10 years now and she's done so many things to improve my health and wellbeing, as well as that of the many friends and family I've referred to her. On many occasions she's been able to help where other health professionals have said there were no other options to try, particularly with hormonal and dietary issues. She's absolutely brilliant.”
Clare Elv
Karen Willis showing the Spien
“Karen has been amazing at treating all sorts of conditions I've suffered over the last year or so. I arrived after being consistently ill for 4-6 months and felt better very quickly. Thank you!!!”
Anna Hansen
Amazing helped get my back shoulders in line and life changing recommendation about nutrition making a happy and healthy chappy. The whole family see Karen including our 2 year old son, and would recommend !!!”
Charles O'Sullivan
“Karen is brilliant. She got this old man through the London marathon by clicking him back to normality every month. Every month or so I wander in with a few aches and pains and she sorts me out and sends me on my way. It's like I float out. I highly recommend her.”
Russell Joseph
“Highly recommended. Karen is excellent, and always manages to solve my back issues. I leave the clinic feeling like I'm walking on air!”
Sarah Bond
“I have been seeing Karen for couple years now, she has solved many of my health issues. She is fantastic. Highly recommended!”
Ba Tu
“I cannot recommend Karen highly enough. An excellent holistic practitioner whose approach makes a real difference to my wellbeing with every visit.”
Asra Alikhan
“Currently seeing Dr Karen Willis for a back condition that "was" giving me quite a bit of pain.... Pain is no more... Very professional and attentive, Dr Willis has a very human approach with a great deal of empathy. She doesn't hold back any words in explaining what is being done and why. She inspires trust, and shows a real passion for her profession. Been feeling a great deal better. A HUGE THANK YOU!!! Would recommend to anyone.”
Alan Short
Highly recommended, Karen and the team are fantastic at what they do and are very personable at the same time.”
Daniel Holmberg
“Natural therapy could not be in better hands! Thanks for all your help over the years Karen!”
Mireille Voysest
“I have seen Karen for years and she has been heaven sent. There has never been anything that Karen could not find the root cause of and usually completely resolve. She is kind, reassuring and hugely knowledgeable of science, western and alternative medicine meaning that you feel in the safest hands. I now visit Karen before my GP if I have a concern, and then after seeing Karen don't have to see my GP. I 100% recommend Karen for everyone - and many of my family and friends have visited and they feel the same as me.”
Helen Shah
I have been attending this clinic on and off for 5 years mostly to be seen by Karen. Karen is very knowledgeable and more importantly can assess the problem very quickly. I always leave in a better place and normally 1 visit sorts the issue although if more visits are required Karen will explain why very clearly. Pantelis also offers excellent treatment. I thoroughly recommend this clinic.”
John Mitchel
"I have been going to Islington Osteopathy Clinic for over a year now and have seen great results on a variety of fronts. I love their holistic and realistic approach to health. They are also excellent at listening and observing to get the best results for your treatment.”
Veronica Cassin
“I have been seeing Karen for 3-4 years. Due to past athletic pursuits and the demands of my work I have had/have a number of injuries and conditions that I manage and Karen has sincerely contributed so very positively to my well-being and the management of not only my injuries but my overall health through her balanced and holistic approach to a healthy body/healthy life. I have worked with a variety of healthcare providers (osteos, physios, chiropractors, massage therapists) and Karen is at the top of the (rather long!) list. Karen has so much knowledge and truly has healing hands.”
Angela Gasparetto
“For the past ten years I have been treated by Karen and she is exceptional at what she does. I initially went due to a back issue and was then involved in a car accident and she was the first person I contacted. I have also taken both my children to her when they were new born. I highly recommend her and the treatments she offers”
Christopher Sanderson-Fisher
“I have been seeing Karen at this practice on and off for a number of years - I couldn't survive without her and can't recommend her enough! She is incredibly knowledgable, extremely professional, doesn't rush you, is thorough and ALWAYS gets to the bottom of what's wrong. For example, last time I saw her she diagnosed me with a slipped disc - this was subsequently confirmed in an MRI scan. Thank you!”
Judith Irwin
“Karen is unbelievable at what she does. I have been having treatment on my back for over 20 years but the last 12 months I have been seeing Karen has been far the best. I could not live without her now.”
Abby Hart
“I have been treated by Karen in the past and am currently seeing James for my back problems. They are both highly professional and progressive in their field. They take the necessary time and care to get to know you and your problems, I highly recommend them both.”
Karen Jamshidi
“I would highly recommend speaking to Karen about your fertility concerns. She is kind, understanding and a brilliant practitioner”
Sophie, Lawyer (age 32)
“Karen's lovely demeanour and straightforward approach is refreshing and relaxing, and I look forward to seeing her for regular health checks in the future”
Victoria, Design Director (age 34)
“Karen Willis can somehow create magic. In the 6 years i've been going to her she's sorted out my aching back, shoulder and neck. She's rebalanced me and often after only 1 session. I don't always completely understand what she's doing but I trust her because everything she has done has worked. She also treated me throughout my pregnancy and when my daughter was born with ventouse and forceps she gave some cranial to help rebalance her too. Karen has such a depth of knowledge and a breadth of experience you know she has thought through, decided and acted in the best way possible for you. No matter where I move to I'll seek her out because she is my best kept secret and I have not found anyone better.”
Kate, Communications Coach and Consultant (age 43)
“I wasn't able to run for 7 months because of a hip injury. In spite of months of physio it just wasn't getting better; I was starting to worry it might be serious, and the lack of exercise was getting me down. A friend suggested Karen and after just one session I was able to run again, pain free. I've spent a month building up my distances and am almost back to my previous fitness. After all those months of pain I still can't quite believe I can run again! Karen is friendly, professional and really knows her stuff; as well as fixing my hip, she (unprompted) found and fixed a whole bunch of other minor problems that I'd learned to live with. Amazing!”
Olivia, IT Manager (age 36)
“My back is feeling so much better. It cleared up just one day after treatment. So thanks!”
Jo, Film Producer (age 25)
“It was only after seeing Karen that my back showed real and lasting improvement!”
Ben Piears, Journalist (age 35)
“Karen patiently and decisively diagnosed what was wrong, and used a variety of treatment approaches. I now have the posture and back of an 18 year-old!”
Ben Piears, Journalist (age 35)
“Karen patiently and decisively diagnosed what was wrong, and used a variety of treatment approaches. I now have the posture and back of an 18 year-old!”
Ben Piears, Journalist (age 35)
“After 1 treatment my back is now so much better and my neck feels wonderful - thanks so much !”
Sarah, Silversmith (age 62)
“After seeing the improvement in Jimmy within just 1 week, his sister now wishes to come and see you! Karen you're incredible!!”
Alexis, Lecturer (age 28)
“I visited Karen after a year of increasing pain in my left hip which worsened in cold weather, and at rest. Fearing the worst, I was avoiding dealing with it and my yoga practice was being affected. Karen gave me a thorough assessment and (painless) manipulations which brought about, after only one visit, a complete end to the pain I had been experiencing ad my yoga practice has been restored to normal. I could not believe it: she's a miracle-worker! Thank you, Karen!”
Bettina, Web Manager (age 49)
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